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Kuiper veneer collection

Afzelia Ahorn/ European maple Amazakoue Anegre
Avodire Bamboo plain pressed Bamboo side pressed Birch/ Berken
Beech steemed / Beuken gestoomd Beech natural / beuken ongestoomd Boire Bubinga 
Canadian maple Carolina pine Citroen / Lime Coromandel
Oak European Oak American white Oak with knots Oak Red american
Smoked Oak  Red Alder EU Ash Eucalyptus 
Hemlock Elm Iroko Jatoba 
Mahogany Chestnut Cherry Cherry eu 
Koto Larch Libanon ceder Limba 
Linde Macore Swap Oak Movinqui 
American walnut French walnut Italian walnut Satin walnut 

Mutenye Olive Olive Ash Oregon pine 
Padouk Swiss Pear Pommele Purperhart 
Putumunye Rosewood Rosewood Indian Sucupira 
Sycamore Tabasco Tigerwood Tineo 
Teak Wenge Zebrawood Platane 
Birdseye maple 




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Member of The HISWA Holland Yachting Group

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